Care & Cleaning

Remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth. 

Our shoes are not meant to be worn outside in wet conditions. If you notice the leather looking dry, or if you want an extra layer of protection from the elements, applying a conditioning treatment is a good idea! We like using Obenauf’s LP which is a mix of natural oils and beeswax, but you could also use regular old olive oil, coconut oil or a wax (paraffin or beeswax).

Please note that cleaning and conditioning your leather will darken its patina. To apply, rub a very light coat of conditioning treatment using a clean, dry rag. Allow the conditioner to soak in at least a few minutes or up to overnight. Use another clean rag to buff dry… look for an even application and no dry areas.

For cleaning shearling: Hand blot the soiled area with a clean cloth and cool water. Try not to soak through to the suede. Spot clean with a small amount of natural, mild detergent or hair shampoo. Carefully rinse and hand blot excess moisture with a towel. Let shearling air dry. Brush the wool when nearly dry to fluff it up.